Shipping, Storage, & Return Policies

Shipping Policy

Items are currently shipped via USPS Flat Rate whenever possible. If you live near Philadelphia and would prefer to pick up your item in person at our shop, we can accommodate that! We also have a service that can deliver your items to you in the Philadelphia area, which generally costs about $75. Items will generally be shipped within 1-2 business days from completed order and are usually shipped Priority.

If you order multiple items that can be shipped via a single box, we will adjust the shipping rate and provide a refund of the difference via PayPal. We aren’t out to turn a profit with shipping, and instead aim to charge a fair shipping rate.

We prefer to use recycled or recyclable packing materials, such as newspaper. We hope that you will join us in our attempts to be eco-friendly by recycling or reusing the packing materials.


Storage Policy

Purchased items may be held for up to 2 weeks, after which time there is a $25 storage fee. After 4 weeks there is a $50 fee per month up to 90 days from date of purchase. After 90 days PSCo retains the right to reclaim ownership of the item.


Return & Refund Policy

All custom orders & wood sales are Final Sales. Any other items purchased may be returned, with receipt, within 7 days for store credit only. Online and shipped purchases we offer a 14 day return policy at your expense for a store credit only.

We acquire our stock through architectural salvage, deconstruction of historic buildings, and via donation. Our handcrafted items are constructed of this reclaimed and salvaged material. As a result, our product isn’t always in “mint” condition; items may be stained, worn, weathered, faded, etc. If we have a quantity of an item, condition may vary from item to item as well as from what is pictured. When you order something we have in quantity, unless you specify otherwise, we will send you the best condition item we have currently in stock. Listed items may also vary in color, shape, size, etc.

We do our best to date and describe our products accurately based on both research and our staff’s experience with vintage and antique items and materials. Even so, there may be incorrect information such as date, materials, origin, features, etc. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. If you find an item that you think has been inaccurately described, please message us and let us know. If you have questions about an item’s history that were not addressed by the listing, or you’d like to see our research sources, please message us and let us know.