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Our Statement (09.10.23)

Covid destroyed the fabric of everything I built over the past decade, from losing staff to the huge financial implications. Philadelphia Salvage was able to reopen as an essential business, providing skilled services that were certified with the Historic Commission, but the staffing shortage continued to be a challenge. L&I then came in months after reopening and surprised us with a notice about the building zoning, leaving me 2 months to locate a new space and move a 40,000 sq ft warehouse with years of inventory, lumber, and equipment. All while trying to work with the landlord to find a solution to the current building issues. The landlord stated he would not assist with the updates needed for a new sprinkler fire system or the severe roof issues that needed to be addressed.

PSCo became displaced and had to pivot into 4,000 sq ft of space in the North East. The move posed a new trail of issues, most of the remaining staff could not commute that far and had to quit, rent was double for a quarter of the space we originally had, we lost all our retail and in-person shopping, and had to take up the task of creating our workspace and organizing orders back into production with a team ⅓ the original size. For the past 6 months we have tried to recuperate from the chaos but have not been able to, Philadelphia Salvage has officially gone out of business.

There is still the issue of client projects. We have every intention of returning projects, albeit in their as-is condition and stage of development, as many are historic and heirloom pieces. I want to do what's right and return them. While this may not satisfy or make up for our client's inconvenience, I deeply apologize and promise this outcome was never my intention. We will be reaching out to clients through the end of September to pick up or set up deliveries, of items

Chris Stock

Owner, Philadelphia Salvage

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