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Do you purchase/consign items?

We generally do not purchase. We have strong relationships with contractors and developers throughout the city who bring us truckloads of items, saving them dump fees and saving items from reaching the landfill.

If you feel you have something unique, feel free to email us with photos at

No, we do not consign.

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French doors, arched doors, small doors, wide doors... we got doors

Custom Work

Our carpentry shop makes us a full-service design and build firm

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Inventory questions

The most efficient way to learn about our inventory is by coming in and shopping in person. The nature of our store means our inventory is always revolving. We do not keep an inventory list or know the sizes of items in stock, the most efficient way to get detailed information is by visiting our store in person.


Our team is small, we get countless emails and phone calls. We prioritize our in-store shoppers, we will not shop for you over the phone or through email. 

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