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questions on doors?

Do you have a specific size that I'm looking for?

Having hundreds of doors we likely do! Please do not email about specific sizing, we do not maintain an inventory list as it would be impossible to keep accurate and current with the high turnover we go through. Shopping our selection is an in-person experience. Know that we can make doors larger and smaller, making it pretty certain we can help with your door needs.

What do I need to have to pick out a door?

You'll need basic measurements. If you have an existing door that you are looking to replace, measure the width, height, thickness, and know the swing of the door. If there is no existing door measure the opening and we can help you in the store with that number. We do not send out people to measure your space before having a door picked. Once you have visited us and have a door in mind we will send out someone to do a site visit.

What should I expect when coming in?

Picking out a door is an involved experience, you will be sliding doors out and flipping through them to find a gem. While we are dog friendly we recommend coming hands-free to comfortably shop. A measuring tape is always a great tool to have, if you forget yours we have some that you can borrow. Our staff is available to assist and accommodate you in pulling out doors but be mindful we are a small team and can not shop for you, this is especially true on our busiest days, Saturdays.

Do you have a specific style of door?

Arched doors, french doors, barn doors, dutch doors, leaded glass doors, thin doors, tall doors - believe me, we have the door. The best way to ask about our inventory is by shopping in person. We get doors daily, meaning your dream door could arrive right after you called or emailed asking about it, just stop in and check out new arrivals.

Can I be placed on a waiting list?

We do not keep a waiting/call-back list. This would be impossible to maintain and would be never-ending. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook where we post about new arrivals.

What if I don't find the door I'm looking for?

Enter our talented and skilled carpenters! We are more than happy to discuss building you your dream door, custom with every bell and whistle. For custom doors please email us with an inspiration photo and measurements, we will provide a quote through there.

Doors can be modified, if you don't find something that is the exact measurements you need, our team can modify it to make it work. Please note there are limitations, we are happy to go over them in person. Do not be discouraged if you do not find your door on the first try, we get doors daily, just try another day.

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